Jeff Bezos' private jet hangar is predictably full of the most extra planes available
Kevin Hart spotted casually driving a Ferrari 812 Competizione through Hollywood
Mercedes denied Bill Gates a customized car for bizarre reason, so he got a Volvo instead
Richard Hammond incredibly restores 1930s Rolls-Royce before returning it to museum


Soccer player Marcus Rashford takes delivery of new Rolls-Royce Wraith worth over $800k
It replaces an almost identical model
Conor McGregor offers glimpse of luxury car fleet after ordering custom-made Bugatti worth millions
Living life like royalty
Lando Norris' jaw-dropping $1.5M personal car collection features four McLaren supercars
He drives incredible cars both on and off the track
Elon Musk makes statement on what he will do if SpaceX encounters aliens
He's promised to keep us in the know
An inside look at Jeff Bezos' $500 million superyacht shows why it's so expensive to keep afloat
Its upkeep is more than the cost of a 'regular' superyacht
MrBeast purchases 25 brand new Tesla Model 3s and a Cybertruck for his birthday, just to give them all away
Help your friends win a Tesla
DJ Khaled shows off new Travis Scott x Audemars Piguet watch that goes perfectly with his Maybach
A limited-edition timepiece that's already impossible to find
Rick Ross comes across new car in garage he had forgotten about in unexpected discovery
Now, that's something to be happy about.
Jeff Goldblum won’t be leaving his $40 million fortune to his sons
What do you make of it?
David Beckham’s ‘favorite’ supercar was actually designed by himself
The $275K sports car was part of a special collaboration
Singer FKA Twigs developed deepfake AI of herself to interact with fans
It will interact with fans on social media.
Shaq attended car show in customized armored truck fit for apocalypse
The truck was customized by Traffic Jams Motorsports for the NBA legend
Justin Bieber secretly splurged $16 million on desert retreat in California
He has some pretty exclusive neighbors.
Which celebrity has the best car collection in Hollywood?
Rare cars for rare people.
Which celebrity has the best car collection in Bollywood?
So which one's your favorite?
Concorde helped Phil Collins perform two concerts on different continents in a single day
The king of the sky and the king of music together!
Johnny Depp looking to splurge $5.15 million on historic castle in Italy
That's not too expensive... for a castle
Steve Jobs' obsession with $45m Gulfstream Jet inspired quirky Apple design
Who would've thought?
MrBeast reveals enormous production scale behind single video in behind-the-scenes footage
He has a lot of people contributing to his success
Fans amazed as Lewis Hamilton cruises Tokyo in jaw-dropping supercar
And it's a great video, by the way.
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