Nothing Phone and Solana Saga are here to challenge the iPhone’s dominance

Sleek design, Web3 features, integrated crypto wallets and both run on Android: the Nothing Phone and Solana Saga certainly pack a punch.

by | Published on 31st Jan 2023

Two upcoming Android devices are ready to shake the smartphone market globally: the long-awaited Nothing Phone and the newly announced Solana Saga.

Both will soon be available in the US and both are considered hot tickets at the moment.

Demand is already crazy.

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Nothing Phone spec and pricing

The new Nothing Phone 1 will initially be available in the US in Beta.

It runs on Nothing OS 1.5, an Android-based software, and it supports Android 13 features and apps.

It also has a self-repair software that automatically fixes bugs, improving loading times when compared to other Android devices.


The Nothing Phone is manufactured by Qualcomm, the same corporation that makes chips for Asus, HP, Lenovo and even Apple.

It’s designed to be a Web 3.0-friendly device, and that means we can expect crypto wallet integration and gaming-friendly features.

Numerous reports suggested a retail price of around $500.

However, as it turns out, Nothing decided to slash pricing for the US market, and the phone will only cost $299.

This means it’s a lot cheaper than both the iPhone 14 ($799) and the Samsung Galaxy S22 ($614).

Solana Saga spec and pricing

The other smartphone tech geeks and ‘crypto bros’ are obsessing over is the upcoming Solana Saga.

Created by Solana Labs, the Saga is a ‘Web3-first’ phone. It integrates Solana wallets, a store for decentralized apps and NFT marketplaces.

It runs on Android 13 and is equipped with three cameras.

In addition to the 50MP + 12MP main cameras, you also have a 16MP selfie camera.

The Saga is made from stainless steel and titanium but it won’t come cheap: it costs $1,000.

You can preorder one with a fully refundable $100 deposit (payable in USDC crypto), with deliveries scheduled for Q2 2023.



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