Someone has redesigned the Nissan Nismo GT-R to look like a muscle car

A talented designer from Turkey has redesigned the Nissan Nismo R36 GT-R into a muscle car, and it actually works.

by | Published on 1st Feb 2023

Car designer Evrim Özgün has reimagined the new Nissan Nismo GT-R to look like a muscle car.

Aptly dubbed ‘Nissan Nismo R36’, the new sports car looks meaner and tougher – like a Nissan Nismo that spent a considerable amount of time in the gym.

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Firstly, the front section has been completely redesigned to make the GT-R Nismo a lot wider.

The new front bumper integrates two fenders, new daytime running lights and a new diffuser.


The hood is bulkier, too, and defined by huge new air vents.

The side profile shows smaller rear windows and redesigned aerodynamic shapes for the doors which, by the way, feature hidden door handles.

All things considered, the rear section is a bit more conventional, with the exception of a new diffuser and the ‘undulating’ wing.

More to the point, aside from the numerous individual changes, the new Nissan Nismo R36 feels and looks like a different car.

The GT-R is an evolution of the iconic Skyline, meaning it is a JDM sports coupe.

By contrast, this one looks like a proper muscle car.

It looks like a pony car that was designed in Tokyo rather than Detroit.

The current-gen GT-R was unveiled over a decade ago but it still looks great.

Partly because of the recent facelift, but also because Nissan nailed the design the first time around and didn’t really need to do much to keep it looking fresh and cool.

But whichever way you cut it, it’s still a 15-year-old project.

At some point in the not-too-distant future, the Japanese automaker will have to design a new model.

Might we suggest the ‘Nissan Nismo R36’ as a source of inspiration?



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