You can now buy a Nerf gun of the massive rocket launcher from Destiny

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Woman holding the limited edition Nerf Gjallarhorn from the Destiny video game series

The ultimate weapon in the Destiny game series is the infamous Gjallarhorn, and now, it’s the ultimate Nerf gun as well.

Yes, Nerf is making a truly massive version of the rocket launcher from the game which will ensure domination in any Nerf gun battle.

Measuring 4 feet (1.2 meters) in size, it’s actually a 1:1 scale version of the rocket launcher from the game.

Feast your eyes on the Destiny 2 nerf gun!

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The game, Destiny 2, itself plays a big part in being able to purchase it as well.

Pre-orders will open on July 7 at 10am Pacific Time, but before then, you’ll first have to unlock it in Destiny 2.

You’ll then be able to enter a ‘virtual waiting room’ once you’ve unlocked it.

But if you don’t manage to unlock it before then, it will be offered for sale to anyone from July 21 by Destiny developer Bungie.

However, only a limited number are being made, so none may be left by then.


While the in-game Gjallarhorn shoots rockets that split into multiple darts, this Nerf version won’t.

Perhaps obviously, real-world physics and safety prevents that.

Instead, you’ll be able to load it with a shell that includes three ‘MEGA darts’.

The reloading process directly mirrors how the Gjallarhorn is reloaded in-game, so there’s some authenticity to it.

“The entire top housing of the Blaster itself shifts forward, it opens the loading bay just like it does in the game,” explains Justin Saccone, Nerf senior project engineer.

“You pop the shell in just like the animation, and then you pull it back and you’re ready to blast off a burst of three MEGA darts, which is super awesome.”

The massive box it comes in also ties in with the game; the designers gave it “an artifact vibe” to reflect the Gjallarhorn’s absence from the game for a few years.

If you’re interested – and able to unlock it in the game – it’ll go on sale priced at $185.



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