YouTuber builds jet engine from scratch and bolts it to a skateboard

by | May 7, 2022 - 7:13AM | Tech

A home-built electric jet engine mounted on a tiny plastic skateboard

Building a jet engine entirely from scratch is something that even the most daring DIYers would be terrified to attempt.

Integza, however, is a bit different from your regular backyard scientists.

Using a couple of old butane canisters, some metalwork skills and 3-D printing, he made a homebrew jet engine that actually works.

He then bolted it to a blue and orange plastic skateboard, because why not?

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The engine blasts out a crazy blue flame and glows bright red during testing.

How did he make the jet engine?

This is a bit of a different design from a regular jet engine and Integza has dubbed it an “electric jet engine”.

In a normal jet engine, there’s a compressor at the front of the engine (those are the fan blades you see if you look at a jet engine from the outside).

That’s where the air comes in.

And then there’s a turbine near the rear of the engine.

The turbine is connected to the compressor by a shaft and helps to keep the compressor spinning.

This means that the engine can be self-sustaining, even when there’s not a lot of air running through it.

Instead of using a turbine, Integza uses an electric motor.

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Amazingly, this isn’t the first jet engine Integza has built from scratch.

He made a homebrew turbojet a year ago, using 3-D printed parts.

With a bit of trial and error, he managed to make that one work too

He also made an aerospike hybrid rocket engine last year, once again using homebrew parts and construction methods.

This one also worked, albeit with rather a lot of trial and error much like his turbojet.

It seems Integza really likes to experiment with making his own jet and rocket engines.

Who knows what kind of crazy homebrew contraption he’ll come up with next?



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