BMW i Vision Dee – BMW’s most advanced technology ever

Your BMW will be able to talk to you and also express facial expressions including joy, astonishment, and approval. It can also change its color 32 different ways.

by | Published on 5th Jan 2023

BMW has just unveiled some of the most advanced technology ever seen in a car.

Called Dee, which stands for Digital Emotional Experience, it will merge physical and virtual reality. 

Dee will create facial expressions using the headlights and grille and even feature a Head-Up display spanning the full width of the windscreen.

In fact, the windscreen will transform into a virtual reality screen.

Oh, and if all of that wasn’t crazy enough, the paint can change between 32 different colors.

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The technology has been revealed today in the BMW i Vision Dee concept at CES in Las Vegas.

With the technology, your BMW will be able to talk to you and also express facial expressions including joy, astonishment, and approval.

It can even get angry.

The vehicle will use sensors to register the identity of the person approaching and open the doors to welcome them. 

It will then project an image of the driver’s avatar onto the window.


Head-Up Display 

All of the information that you would normally see on your traditional gauge cluster or center touchscreen will now be projected on the front windscreen. 

And you’ll be able to personalize it and determine how much you want to see on your windscreen. 

It will range from seeing basic driving-related information to seeing augmented reality projections and even virtual worlds.

You’ll even be able to dim the windows so they gradually fade out reality and transition to a purely virtual experience. 

The Head-Up display extending the full width of the windscreen will be used in the models of the NEUE KLASSE from 2025 onwards.

Full-color E Ink technology 

BMW has also revealed its incredible full-color E Ink technology. 

Remember last year when it unveiled its E Ink technology, showing the car alternating between black and white? 

Well, now it’s taken that technology and made it even cooler. 

With the tech, the BMW i VISION can now alternate between 32 different color displays with the use of electrical pulses. 

The body of the car is divided into 240 E Ink segments, each individually controlled. 

This means you can create an almost infinite variety of patterns.

BMW i Vision Dee design 

BMW has deliberately pared down the design of the BMW i Vision to allow the technology to shine. 

The classic sporty sedan still of course has BMW’s iconic twin circular headlights, kidney grille, and Hofmeister kink. 

BMW i Vision Dee interior 

Inside is a white canvas for the technology. 

The extremely pared-back approach leaves out materials, displays, and buttons you would usually expect to see in a BMW.

Surfaces at thumb height to the left and right of the center of the steering wheel will come to life when touched and can be operated by just moving your thumb. 

Called “phygital touchpoints”, they support the principle of “hands on the wheel, eyes on the road”. 

The BMW i Vision Dee is a concept car, but some of its features will be available in production models as early as 2025. 



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