These are the cool boxy 4x4s the Ineos Grenadier will have to take on

From the Defender to the new Hummer EV – these are the boxy SUVs the Grenadier will compete against.

by | Published on 12th Jun 2022

Chemical manufacturing giant turned car manufacturer Ineos is gearing up to launch its hotly-anticipated debut model: the boxy, utilitarian Grenadier.

The order books have finally opened for the BMW-powered 4×4, with it priced from £49,000 in the UK; US pricing is yet to be announced, but that’s about $61,500.

There are rumors swirling of a smaller, all-electric model joining the range in the future as well.

That smaller EV model would undercut its current price tag, too, according to Sir Jim Ratcliffe, the company’s founder.

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But no matter how it’s priced, the Grenadier should be a smash hit based on how other boxy 4x4s are selling.

With accessory mounting points all over the outside and an interior that ranges from bare-bones to techy and leather-lined depending on the variant, it’s easy to see the excitement around this debut model.

But let’s take a look at just what the Ineos Grenadier will be going up against.

Land Rover Defender

If there’s one vehicle the Ineos Grenadier is purpose-built to take on, it’s the new Land Rover Defender.

With Ineos founder Sir Jim Ratcliffe wanting to build a more fitting successor to the original Defender than Land Rover’s own attempt, this is clearly the vehicle it has set in its sights.

While both offer a range of straight-six petrol and diesel engines, they differ significantly from there, styling aside.

The Grenadier uses a traditional ladder-frame chassis and beam axles for maximum articulation off-road; the Defender uses a unibody chassis with independent suspension.

Air suspension is even standard on 110 models.

Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen

Originally designed for use by the military, the Mercedes G-Class has now become one of the coolest SUVs you can get.

2018 saw the model’s most substantial update yet, with the G-Wagen growing longer and wider to improve on-road stability.

That’s a clear sign of where most buyers are using their G-Wagens.

While the Grenadier’s turbocharged performance won’t be anything to sniff at, it won’t be able to hold a candle to the V8-powered Mercedes-AMG G 63 which sits atop the G-Class range.

Toyota LandCruiser 70 Series

With Australia, the Middle East, and Africa key markets for the upstart Grenadier, many comparisons will be drawn between it and the 70 Series Toyota LandCruiser in these areas.

Yes, Toyota still sells the 38-year-old 70 Series family in these regions, with the LC76 wagon the Grenadier’s primary competitor.

The 76 series has a turbocharged V8 diesel engine and a manual transmission, making it a pretty brawny thing.

However, it’s safe to say the Ineos’ BMW-sourced six-cylinder engines and eight-speed automatic will make it a much stronger performer.

Nonetheless, the 70 Series is still an unbelievably cool model in a very old-school way.

Getting behind the wheel of one, you’ll quickly see just how surprisingly fun it can be.

Suzuki Jimny

Sure, the pint-sized Jimny mightn’t be a dollar-for-dollar rival to the Grenadier, but it certainly is very boxy, and definitely very cool.

Like the Grenadier and most names on this list, though, it does feature beam axles, a ladder-frame chassis, and dual-range. It’s a serious off-road beast; don’t be deceived by its cute looks.

Testament to the Jimny’s success so far is the fact it’s sold out globally.

There’s a delay of around a year – or more! – to get your hands on one.

Ford Bronco

The return of the Ford Bronco sent thousands of fans into overdrive.

The off-roader favorite made famous by OJ Simpson’s notorious police chase finally returned to the market last year after a 25-year hiatus.

In the US, this will be one of the key new rivals for the Grenadier.

The Bronco turbocharged EcoBoost V6 ensures it’ll have the power to keep up with it.

With a hardcore Raptor version on the horizon as well, the Grenadier will have a tough fight on its hands against that.

Jeep Wrangler and Gladiator

Borne of the humble military Willys Jeep, the Wrangler has remained an off-roader favorite for years now.

That’s no surprise given how immense the Jeep’s off-road chops are – even if it’s compromised on the road as a result of its design.

Jeep offers one thing Ineos doesn’t yet, though – a pickup truck version of the Wrangler, the Gladiator.


Although it won’t be on sale until 2024, the Hummer name is finally back courtesy of GMC.

The new Hummer couldn’t be further removed from its predecessors, though.

Now fully-electric and offered in both SUV and pickup truck guises, it’s set to offer insane performance.

And that’s despite its clearly Hummer-like proportions.

It should give the Grenadier a real run for its money off-road as well, given its advanced four-wheel drive and four-wheel steering systems that even allow it to crab walk to avoid obstacles sideways.

Atlas ATV

Okay, fine, it’s not really a rival for the Ineos Grenadier, but the insane Atlas ATV is about as boxy as a 4×4 can get.

Standing nine feet tall and riding on massive tires that can be inflated or deflated in an instant, the Atlas is a true off-roader.

That’s not just because it can hold its own off-road, but because it can even drive on water.

Now that is truly off-roading.




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